Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New born baby's weight related to later IQ and mood

The Influence of Birth Size on Intelligence in Healthy Children, 2009, Pediatrics:

"After controlling for multiple confounders for every 1-cm increment in birth length, 1 kg in birth weight, or 1 cm in head circumference, there was a corresponding increase in IQ of 0.49 points (P for trend < .001), 2.19 points (P for trend = .007) and .62 points (P for trend = .003), respectively."

Evidence for Developmental Programming of Cerebral Laterality in Humans, 2011, Public Library of Science:

"Risk of depression and enhanced stress responsivity, with their consequent risks for ill health including cardiovascular disease, is increased in people who were small at birth."

(Science Daily report about the latter article)