Friday, November 1, 2013

Comment on "Drinking three litres of water a day took TEN YEARS off my face"

British newspaper Daily Mail recently posted an online article Drinking three litres of water a day took TEN YEARS off my face, featuring a 40-some-year-old lady who made significant improvement on her facial skin just by drinking plenty of water for 4 weeks. There's suspicion that the second image of the woman, allegedly taken at the end of her "water treatment", was smoothed by Photoshop. Although it's hard to confirm manual editing, I have pretty good confidence to say that the image was apparently last saved from Photoshop 3.0, an old version probably made free now, by British photographer Warren Smith.

Suspicion aside, drinking plenty of water is definitely healthful, as most people drink less, rather than more, than recommended. What's the recommended amount of water we should drink? According to Mayo Clinic, a male adult should drink 3 litres per day while a female 2.2 litres, more in special cases, such as in hot weather. The concern of water poisoning is irrelevant in this case, as it would require a far greater amount of water taken in a short period of time. Whether drinking enough water will remove signs of facial skin aging obviously needs scientific studies. But for now, remember that thirst is one of the weakest human senses, especially when we age, hence this old saying, "it's too late to dig a well when you're thirsty".