Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boxing Should Be Banned in Civilized Countries

If you don't use your brain, you may think all sports are good to health. While cleaning up my old folder, I found a note I saved two years ago
Boxing Should Be Banned in Civilized Countries by George D. Lundberg, MD:

"What is wrong with boxing? In addition to a host of sociologic concerns, boxing is wrong medically, since it not only kills some participants, it inflicts objectively proven chronic brain damage in as many as 80% of fighters who have had a substantial number of fights. It is wrong morally, because the intent of the 'sport' is to harm the opponent in order to win, preferably by knockout -- brain damage by definition. These 2 objections, medical and moral, separate boxing from all other risk sports."

I'm sure boxing fans will think otherwise. But I can tell you what one of my high school friends said. He used to fight a lot in high school. Then he went to college to study medical science. While still a student, one day he came to me and said he never fought again. I asked why. He said, if I still fight, I can't help but think what the incoming blow will hit, the heart if it comes toward my upper left chest, liver if lower and shifted to the right. All these are important organs that he can't afford to lose.

Some time ago I came upon a web page where a Mom called for ban of soccer for school boys, for reason of possible violent collision. The intent of soccer is not to harm people but the health risk may be too high for small kids. I guess we should all remember what we practice sport is ultimate for, better health, and everything else is secondary. If you think the other way, you may not be up to the current civilization level yet.

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