Friday, November 21, 2008

Cooking oil comments

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> 中国食用油的制作方法分压榨(物理)和浸出(化学)两种,浸出
> 是用一种化学物质把油弄出来,产油率比压榨方式要高,但是用浸出
> 方式里面的一种化学物质吃下去永远都会积蓄在体内,几十年也排不出去的,所以
> 现在中国得各种各样癌症的人那么多,经常食用这种浸出油一定出问题。尤其是食
> 用油是我们每天都吃的东西,一定得好好关注。
> 如果经济条件允许的条件下,最好用橄榄油是最好了。[If you can afford, it's best to use olive oil.]

Olive oil is the best, but it lacks Omega-3 fatty acid. So you either need to supplement Omega-3 by taking tablets or capsules you buy from a nutrition store, or buy olive oil fortified with Omega-3, and of course eating plenty of fish is recommended too.

Also, peanuts, peanut oil, or anything made from peanuts have a trace amount of aflatoxin, a very potent carcinogen (cancer-inducing agent). There's no peanut oil that is completely free of this toxin.

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